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Do you need suspension repair?

Nola Automotive Repairs is the leading automotive service center in New Orleans. And when it comes to suspension problems, we are the perfect place go to. But how do you know if there’s something wrong with your suspension?

Rough Rides

Once you start feeling every bump in the road or when every bump causes your car to bounce, then your shocks and struts are probably already worn out. And when you start feeling this, it’s probably time that you take your vehicle here at Nola Automotive Repairs.

Drifting or Pulling When Turning

When there is something wrong with your car’s suspension, you will notice your vehicle drift or pull when you’re turning. Once this happens, this means that the shocks are not able to keep the entire vehicle stable against the force of a turn, which can be dangerous as this makes you more prone to a rollover.

Nose Dives When Braking

When braking, you will feel your vehicle lurching forward when done firmly. This is not normal, of course, and this also prevents you the ability to stop the car right away.

Check Your Tires

If you notice that the tread is wearing down unevenly, or any balding spots, this is usually a symptom of a suspension problem. When there is an uneven tear or balding spots on your tires, this means that there is an uneven amount of pressure on the tired.

These are just some of the signs that point to your suspension needing repair. Taking your vehicle to Nola Automotive Repairs will help you solve your suspension problem.

Our suspension diagnostics include:

  • Evaluation of steering and suspension components
  • List of suspension repair recommendations

With us, you can guarantee a detailed report of the suspension problem. We want you to understand what happened, what we plan to do and how to prevent it from happening again. This is because here at Nola Automotive Repairs New Orleans, we don’t just solve your car problems but we also ensure that we educate our clients. Being one of the best in the industry, sharing our knowledge to the local community allows us to take part in keeping the roads safe and helping save the lives of many.

Nola Automotive Repairs in New Orleans only uses the best equipment and systems to ensure that all repairs are done efficiently. Leaving our center will put you at ease that all is well. You are guaranteed safety on the road through our care.

So, don’t prolong your suspension problems. If you’re worried about the cost, know that Nola Automotive Repairs only offers the most reasonable prices for the highest quality of repairs. And that is exactly what you’ll get from our service – only the highest quality of suspension repairs will be given to you. Thanks to our expert mechanics who tirelessly work hard to deliver the best results to our customers.

Let Nola Automotive Repairs New Orleans take care of your car problems. Contact us today!