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When it comes to your car’s brakes, there’s no better place to go to buy Nola Automotive Repairs New Orleans. We are a known provider of the best brake repair service here and with us, you are guaranteed the best auto care.

Our team of brake technicians are knowledgeable, skilled and well-trained to deliver brake repair service that will restore your brakes to its original, good working state.

How do you know when it’s time for a brake repair?

  • the brake pedal can nearly touch the floor when you need to stop
  • unusual sounds such as squealing noise when you step on the brakes
  • your car pulls to one side when you step on the brakes
  • grinding or bumpy sensation when you stop

We offer a thorough brake repair inspection to determine the cause of the problem and to find out the best solution.

  • We measure front and rear brake pad wear
  • We measure rotor wear
  • We measure drum wear
  • We perform a strip dip brake fluid test
  • E-brake inspection

Once the inspection is done, we will provide you with the appropriate brake repair service based on our findings. Rest assured that you will be given a complete and comprehensive report of our findings along with the options that we recommend to resolve your brake problems.

These are just some of the things that we do normally for our brake repair service:

  • Replacement of pads and shoes
  • Repacking of wheel bearings
  • Proper lubrication of brake hardware
  • Adequate amount of brake fluid
  • Adjustment of hydraulic system
  • Refinishing of drums and rotors
  • Replacement or drums and rotors
  • Replacement of other components depending on the diagnostic findings

Here at Nola Automotive Repairs, you can guarantee the best and certified technicians to take care of your brake problems. Not all of the technicians here in New Orleans are certified and have enough knowledge and skills when it comes to brake repairs, which is why it is only wise that you come to us instead if you’re looking for 100% reassurance that you will get your money’s worth. You will also be guaranteed the best brake service here.

Thanks to out top-of-the-line equipment and tools that we use to execute brake repairs, you will have your brakes working excellently in no time.

Also, here at our service center, you don’t have to wait for too long for your vehicle. We work as fast as possible. Our technicians are well-trained to deliver vehicles to the clients on a timely manner and thanks to our strict protocol, we rarely miss a deadline. And if ever we do, it’s all because of valid reasons that we notify our clients right away before the said deadline.

Nola Automotive Repairs will take care of your auto brake repair service and will have your vehicle running in no time. Make sure that you take your vehicles to us as well for brake maintenance and other services that will be useful for your vehicle and as part of your regular preventive maintenance.